Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Random Acts or Vigils and Visitation with Carlos & Melida Arredondo!

September 5, 2006
Goodbye, and - take a stand
By CHRISTIE SMYTHE Cape Cod Times Staff Writer -On Route 6 overpasses, at rest areas and at rotaries, the annual ritual was in full swing yesterday. People gathered near the roads to wave to visitors leaving the Cape as the year's biggest season for tourism came to a close.
Some held ''see you next year'' banners, and others, aware of the election on the horizon, brandished signs with political messages. But one element was missing: the traffic.
Caption Veterans for Peace Chapter 41, John Bangert, stands out on Rte. 6, in Sandwich with his childhood friend, John Beitzel and family, from Veterans for Peace Philadelphia Chapter.
At about 3 p.m. yesterday, a driver could do the unthinkable: drive the better part of Route 6 on Labor Day, all the way to the Sagamore Bridge, without hitting gridlock.
A group of anti-war demonstrators at a Route 6 rest area in Sandwich noticed the unusually easy flow of the cars passing by. ''I suspect a lot of people left yesterday because the weather was so rotten,'' said Brewster resident Elenita Muniz, a member of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Drizzle and clouds were common throughout the weekend, except yesterday, when the sun came out for much of the day.

Muniz's organization, along with Cape Codders for Peace and Justice, Veterans for Peace and other groups, regularly hold demonstrations against the Iraq War at the rest area on high-traffic holidays. This year, they invited the father and stepmother of 20-year-old Marine Alexander Scott Arredondo of Randolph, who was killed in Iraq in 2005. Carlos and Melida Arredondo said they are traveling the country to urge the federal government to bring troops back home. Altogether, about 20 people stood at the rest area, holding signs saying ''end the war,'' ''impeach'' and ''honor the dead.''

But although there might have been fewer cars whizzing by this year than usual, demonstrators said the motorists seemed more supportive of their message than in years past. ''Traffic is much lighter, but the honks, I think, are proportionally greater,'' said Lynn Hiller, coordinator of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. ''My sense is even people in the middle are starting to question the war,'' said Harwich resident Chuck Micciche of Cape Codders for Peace and Justice. Another political group seeking attention from Labor Day motorists was a Barnstable organization supporting gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick. Centerville residents and Patrick supporters William and Dorte Griswold displayed three signs for Patrick.
Christie Smythe can be reached at csmythe@capecodonline.com.
(Published: September 5, 2006)

Sandwich Exit 3 Parking Lot Route 6 going home with our message - End the war!

Ken Farr Veterans for (Peace Gen. Smedley Butler Brigade) took the torch of honor and stood by the flag draped casket of Alex Arrendondo which was at the Bourne Rotary on Labor Day 2006!

Melida Arredondo plants a kiss on Howard Zinn in Wellfleet, Mass, Vigil for Peace, Saturday September 2, 2006 Howard and Mrs. Zinn stood with us during this vigil.
Carlos in Texas cowboy hat, John Bangert in 1950's summer hat, David Agnew looking on holding Stop Iraq War sign.


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