Monday, October 16, 2006

This just in from VFP Dr. Richard Gilchrist, who helped at Arlington East!

Hope everyone is recovering. I'm in VA to visit my brother. Always a touchy thing because we are 180 deg apart on Bush and the war. When I was working on the display, I really didn't think much about each maker that we were putting in, but when we were finished and took time to look at the rows and columns of 2795 markers the realization of what the display really got to me- what a total waste of life. I saw lots of tears and very somber people. Bush should be made to visit such a display.

Saying 2,795 is one thing, but seeing the markers go on and on really brings the point home. Went from MA to DC and stopped at the Vietnam Memorial. Another dumb and needless war- as if any were really needed. Looking at 58,285 names on black granite and reflecting on the waste of such lives along with this present war is almost unbearable, but I guess we have plenty of room on the mall for more memorials.

The government will just keeping waving the flags and keep telling the people that we are being attacked and we'll keep building more memorials an interesting experience come down from MA. I was only a mile or two away from Edgewood, MD (my main army post) and I thought that I take a picture of the front gate to show my wife.

Big mistake, I got out on the van with my camera and rapidly was surrounded by five police cars and about a dozen federal cops. After about an hour of checking me out, they finally decided that I wasn't a threat to the national security and let me go. They took pictures of the back of my van-which is covered with anti war and anti Bush stickers.

They went through my van but didn't find anything that would put me in jail so I'm a free man-well, as free as one can be in the present US.Hope things are going well!

Dr. Richard Gilchrist, Korean War Vet
Veterans for Peace Chapter 56,
Humbolt, CA


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