Wednesday, November 01, 2006

HR 4232 Congressman Delahunt, Where is your leadership?

Hyannis Office
Congressman Bill Delahunt

146 Main Street
Hyannis, MA 02601

(508) 771-0666
Toll-Free: (800) 870-2626
Fax: (508) 790-1959

Hey Bill, Where is your leadership? How many more grave markers will it take to awaken your leadership?

" If ever you voted for the war,
Then you're out the door"! JJB

If you are active military and want to have the support of those who disaggree with this Congressman and President then click here; Appeal for

Click on Me to read or type Bill Number in window: TYPE HR4232

This is the letter that was sent to Congressman Delahunt on:

8 September 2006
Congressman Bill Delahunt

2454 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Representative Delahunt,

The US war in Iraq is an endless fire consuming lives, resources, and the fragile possibilities of peace. As our member of Congress, you are the legitimate connection to end this terrible tragedy by supporting our request to cosign legislation that will bring an end to this war. Joining the Declaration of Peace campaign, a coalition of more than 250 national, religious, and peace organizations across the US, Cape Codders for Peace and Justice thank you for cosponsoring H. Con. Res. 197 to prohibit the establishment of permanent bases in Iraq. We also appreciate your support of the discharge petition with the purpose of gaining debate and a vote on HR 55. However, you have also stated this plan inhibits your support of H. R. 4232 as politically contraindicated. None of the legislation has gained supporters for months and we need bold steps to move forward. We look to you for that progressive leadership. Therefore, we request that you cosponsor H. R. 4232 to end funding for deployment of US troops to Iraq. Congress may not have control of decisions made by the administration but certainly has responsibility for the funding. We also request that you cosponsor H.Con. Res. 348 to prohibit permanent bases, control of oil and redeployment of troops.

You articulately expressed our sentiments on Iraq Watch (July 10, 2006) when you stated, “Well, the truth is, nothing has been accomplished, except the loss of thousands of American lives with a financial cost going on some half a trillion dollars. You know, one only has to watch the nightly news. I was in the cloakroom earlier and watched the national news. It was depressing, it was sad, it was tragic. What is going on in Baghdad today and all over Iraq is an orgy of violence and blood-letting.” Now please continue to speak truth to power and cosign legislation to end the war and bring the troops home, fund human needs, and resolve to deny war as national policy. We believe that humanity can and must rise above the violence to build a world of justice and peace for all peoples.

Members across the country will receive similar requests from their constituents with the belief that their representative in Congress, at this very “depressing, sad, and tragic” time, will respond to the public outcry against this invasion and war by cosponsoring the above legislation.

We would like to make an appointment with you or receive a written response to this communication on or before September 21, 2006. Thank you for your time and consideration. Declaration of Peace petition is enclosed.

signed by CCPJ legislative committee (Please note that the Declaration of Peace called for sponsorship of HR 4232)


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